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Sample Ideal Protein products and receive a FREE Body Composition Analysis! Our educational seminars are on the first and third Wednesday each month. Call clinic to RSVP as seating is limited.


I'm 57 and feel for the first time that I am on the right track. I started this diet on June 19 and on August 19 I had lost 30 pounds! I just had my annual blood work done, and here are the numbers: cholesterol went from 214 to 146, triglicerides from 144 to 85, LDL from 144 to 87, glucose from 110 to 96, and my blood pressure from 127/92 to 110/76! I like the IP products and the helpful accessory products that Katie has. Thank you Katie for introducing this program to me and being my cheerleader! - Connie D.

The Ideal Protein plan has changed my life. I was diagnosed with diabetes thirteen years ago, placed on medication and my medications steadily increased. I was on three pills and insulin to lower my blood sugar as well as medications for high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Within 2 weeks of starting the protocol I was off my diabetes medications and within 2 months I was off all my medications. I lost 38 pounds in the first 10 weeks, the weight seemingly melting away. My doctor is thrilled! Thanks Ideal Protein for saving my life! – Nancy A.


Herbs and Cheese Omelet

White-Choco Cinnamon Bar

Blueberry, Cranberry & Pomegranate Drink

Lemon Pudding

Ideal You Weight Loss Center, LLC

What is the Ideal You? Is it a more healthy, more active you? A you that can keep up with your children or grandchildren? A you that can walk up the stairs without becoming short of breath? A you that is no longer dependent on prescription medications to control high blood pressure, diabetes, or reflux? A you that is ready to shed those final unwanted pounds, while protecting the muscle that you’ve already worked so hard to build?

We all have an Ideal You inside us, and it is my mission to provide a clinical, proven approach to weight loss to those people in Central Oregon who are ready to start their very Last Diet. Elite level athletes, the severely obese, and real people at every step in between have benefitted from the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method. Not only will you dramatically and safely lose body fat and protect your lean muscle, you will also give your pancreas a much needed rest.

Please, read further and find out the how and why of the Ideal Protein Method. I am so excited to be able to bring this program to my neighbors because I too have struggled to find the Ideal Me within my overweight body. I had tried almost everything out there to lose weight, with varying degrees of temporary success. That is, until I tried Ideal Protein for myself. I lost over 1/3rd of my body weight on program in 2011 and have maintained a much healthier weight and lifestyle ever since. As a Registered Nurse, I know that I have added years to my life.  Read more about my journey in “About Us”.

-Katie Davis, RN, BSN

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